Oscar Wilde

Named after the legendary Irish poet and playwright, Oscar wilde is New York’s longest ever bar.
From a 1840s fireplace, inlay from Hope Castle circa 1700s, porcelain from Gosford Castle to a Belgium piano from the 1890s this place is a visual treat for all the antique lovers. I was lucky to shoot some great moments at this Victorian based gastropub.

The WORKshop

Got an opportunity to shoot a five-day workshop held by Standard Chartered at Ritz Carlton, Dubai.

Sakhi's 30th gala award

Sakhi for South Asian women exist to end violence against women

Inner Circle Ensemble
By American Sufi Project

“A secret turning in us
Makes the universe turn.
Head unaware of feet,
And feet head. Neither cares.
They keep turning.” - Rumi

Ladydrinks -

Ladydrinks is a networking platform for women executive based in New York City, led by
long time business news TV anchor Joya Dass.